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    KMZ and RIGIS Aerial Photos

    RIGIS supports the use of KMZ files to access many of its aerial photograph collections! The KMZ file format is widely supported by mapping software and apps including Google Earth and Esri ArcGIS Earth. We’ve recently updated our website to make these KMZ linkages easier to find. NOTE: Note all RIGIS image collections are currently available as KMZ. Get started by heading over to the RIGIS data clearinghouse: http://www.rigis.org Scroll down on the homepage until you find button for the RIGIS Imagery Collections.         Select the aerial photo collection you’re interested in viewing, such as these from Spring 2011.   Finally, choose the KMZ option from the list…

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    Spring 2018 Aerial Photos: Initial Release

    Spring 2018 aerial photographs are now available from RIGIS as ArcGIS image services and an ArcGIS Online hosted tile layer! Here’s a quick rundown: Statewide True color 3-inch pixel size Not orthorectified Collected and processed by EagleView under contract to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) Contributed to RIGIS by RIDOT, in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 Uniform Emergency Telephone System, and Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency Esri ArcGIS Server Image Services (a.k.a. “Imagery Layers” according to ArcGIS Online) directly hosted by the URI Environmental Data Center are available in two different coordinate systems. Web Mercator WGS 84 Meters:https://edc.maps.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=7368516070e24d4d9676d3932eaa3b73 Rhode Island State Plane…

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    Recap: RIGIS User Group Imagery Seminar

    On August 19, an educational forum on aerial and satellite imagery available for Rhode Island was held at the University of Rhode Island’s (URI) main campus with the goal of informing attendees on a variety of online resources for image data of Rhode Island, with a heavy emphasis on RIGIS and the US Geological Survey (USGS); this forum also highlighted the new suite of ArcGIS Image Services featuring RIGIS data that are being developed by the Rhode IslandView. There are three ways to download imagery from RIGIS. The majority of RIGIS imagery is available as tiled GeoTIFF and JPEG2000 format files, however historical imagery is available as tiled MrSID format files…

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    New Coastal Lidar and Imagery Available

    LiDAR There are two new collections of coastal LiDAR data available for download via the Elevation and Bathymetry section of this website. While neither collection provides full coverage of Rhode Island, both provide users with high-quality elevation data that can be used in a variety of ways. First, is the 2014 NOAA post-Sandy Topobathy LiDAR collection that provides coverage of RI’s south coast towns. Currently these data are only availabe in LAS file format from RIGIS, however we hope to make tiled Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data available in the future. For users wishing to access and use DEM data now, please visit the NOAA Digital Coast Data Access Viewer, where these data…

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    New RI Lidar and Imagery Available!

    Please note the following LiDAR release from NOAA Digital Coast. There are three datasets of interest for GIS users in Rhode Island: 2014 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Post-Sandy (RI) 2014 NOAA NGS DEM: Post-Sandy (RI) 2014 NOAA NGS IOCM 4-Band 8 Bit Imagery: Post-Sandy (RI) We will be working on making these data accessible through RIGIS, hopefully in the next few months. In the meantime, the links above will direct you to the NOAA Digital Coast Data Access Viewer where you can download these data.