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Find resources on the RIGIS standards and other technical standards to use for GIS data, metadata resources to build accurate metadata records along with other document resources that may be useful.  

2020 Newsletter

Fall: 2020

Topics: Statewide Imagery / LULC, 3D Nation Study, Municipal Resource Map, User Group Status Reports, ArcGIS Pro Tips: Place Map & Layout Side by Side

2019 Newsletter

Topics: Enterprise GDB, 3D Nation Study, Utilities User Group, RISEGIS geocoding service “how-to”

2015 Newsletter

Topics: RISEGIS, Parcel Standard, Clip custom extent of 2014 imagery

2014 Newsletters

Topics: RISEGIS, 2014 Orthophotography

Topics: RISEGIS, 2014 Orthophotography, RI Digital Atlas