RIGIS Logo Depot

Please acknowledge your use of RIGIS data whenever practical. This is usually done by including the RIGIS logo in your publication, or simply listing RIGIS as a source within a bibliography or on a web map’s splash screen or “about” page.

The following graphics are appropriate for most web and print uses. The  original vector artwork is available within the PNG and Adobe Illustrator files in case if neither of the GIFs suit your needs. Esri shapefile format can also work well for GIS users… simply add it to a new ArcGIS Desktop map frame then place it where it’s needed on your layout.

GIF Format (200 pixels wide x 72 pixels high; transparent background, great for web use)

GIF Format (1000 x 360; transparent background, better for printed use)

PNG (1000 x 360; contains vector data originally created using old school Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks)

AI 7 Format (1000 x 360; contains vector data usable by Adobe Illustrator 7+)

ESRI shapefile & accompanying ArcGIS 9.3 layer file (zip)