Initial Release: Statewide Aerials; Fall 2018, Winter 2018/19, and Spring 2019

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has contributed three new statewide aerial imagery collections to RIGIS! All imagery are 3-band, true color, with a spectacular 3-inch spatial resolution. They consist of:

They are currently accessible via both ArcGIS image services and hosted ArcGIS Online tile layers via the URLs listed above.

Traditional file download for these image collections is expected to be made available in Fall 2019, after a new web server is installed and configured on behalf of RIGIS.

The images were collected and processed using a new imaging technology at a significant cost savings. These are not traditionally orthorectified aerial photographs. You will encounter blending issues, building lean, shadows, and other artifacts. The horizontal accuracy of these images has not been assessed; on casual observation it seems to vary throughout the state. Relative measurements (e.g. the length of a football field, or the footprint of a building) should be quite good. The capture dates for specific images cannot be determined.

As is the case with all RIGIS data, users are strongly encouraged to carefully evaluate the suitability of these data for their particular needs.

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