KMZ and RIGIS Aerial Photos

RIGIS supports the use of KMZ files to access many of its aerial photograph collections! The KMZ file format is widely supported by mapping software and apps including Google Earth and Esri ArcGIS Earth.

We’ve recently updated our website to make these KMZ linkages easier to find. NOTE: Note all RIGIS image collections are currently available as KMZ.

Get started by heading over to the RIGIS data clearinghouse:

Scroll down on the homepage until you find button for the RIGIS Imagery Collections.





Select the aerial photo collection you’re interested in viewing, such as these from Spring 2011.


Finally, choose the KMZ option from the list to start the download.

Depending on how your computer or mobile device is configured, your software may automatically open, or you may need to open the KMZ file within your software.