KML and RIGIS Vector Data

Most of the vector GIS datasets (e.g. roads, land use, benchmarks, etc.) distributed by RIGIS are accessible via KML. KML is widely supported by mapping software and apps such as Google Earth and Esri ArcGIS Earth.

These KML linkages are readily available from most of the RIGIS vector dataset description pages.

Head over to the RIGIS data clearinghouse:

Try browsing through the different data categories, or try the search bar to find the dataset you’re interested in. In this example, we’ve searched for the keyword “911” to find the RI E911 road centerline dataset.

Look for the “Download” menu on the right-hand side of the page.

If you click on it, you’ll see a list of options. Under the “Full Dataset” section, choose “KML”. This will download a KML file containing this dataset straight to your computer or mobile device.

Depending on your configuration, the KML file may open automatically in your mapping application, or you may need to head into your application to add the KML file manually.