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When to Choose an ArcGIS Image Service vs an ArcGIS Online Hosted Tile Layer

The most recent RIGIS orthophotos from Spring 2018 are available as two different types of online services: two different ArcGIS image services and one ArcGIS Online hosted tile layer. Why choose one service over the other?

Choose one of the ArcGIS image services if you need any of the following:

  • Ability to zoom into map scales larger than 1:256.
  • Highest possible print quality.
  • Ability to change the appearance of the images, such as applying a different type of stretch or brightness values.
  • Compatibility with open source GIS software that requires WMS or WCS protocol.

Use the ArcGIS Online hosted tile layer if:

  • You have a need for speed. The ArcGIS Online hosted tile layer will likely draw more quickly than the image service.
  • You need to work offline using ArcGIS Collector.
  • You don’t mind not being able to zoom into map scales larger than 1:564.
  • The image services are inaccessible due to maintenance, etc.

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