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Getting Ready to Use the Collector App

Recently I authored a blog post for the Environmental Data Center blog on setting up a feature class and Web Map for use with Esri’s Collector App. Based on discussions at previous RIGIS Executive Committee Meetings, I thought this posting may be of use and interest to the RIGIS community – especially the municipal-based RIGIS community.

This workflow walks users through the process of setting up domains within a file geodatabase, applying these domains to a feature class, preparing the feature class for use with the Collector App, uploading the feature class as a Service to ArcGIS Online and then configuring the Service and Web Map in ArcGIS Online. The result of this workflow will be a fully functional web map that can be used in conjunction with the Collector App.

In order to be able to complete this workflow, you will need access to ArcGIS Desktop software, and an ArcGIS Online Organizational account.

Read the Getting Ready to Use the Collector App blog post!

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