New Data – Derived Inundation Surfaces: Scaled Sea Level Rise

These data were developed by the Shoreline Change SAMP Team and the URI Graduate School of Oceanography as the result of recent coastal storms, such as Superstorm Sandy (October 2012), which reveal the need to address the vulnerability of populations, infrastructure, and resources at risk from storm surge throughout Rhode Island.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) completed the North Atlantic Comprehensive Study (NACCS) in 2015, which provides new tools and information to assess coastal storm and flood risks. Information from the NACCS was integrated into STORMTOOLS. These coastal inundation modeling results can be used by state government and local communities to identify storm surge flooding risks and develop adaptation strategies to reduce those risks now and into the future.

This collection of data provides users with access to a variety of Sea Level Rise (SLR) scenarios and planning horizons. All data are available as either raster surfaces, or vector polygons.

These data, and a multitude of supplemental information, including the NACCS report, a scaled SLR summary, and a simplified flood inundation mapping report are all available for download from the RIGIS Planning and Cadastral data category.

It is highly recommended to thoroughly read the accompanying metadata documents prior to using these data.

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