New US Topo Maps for Rhode Island

As you may have seen via Shane’s listserv blast earlier today, updated US Topos are available for Rhode Island. These 2015 US Topo maps contain an updated symbology, enhanced railroad information, new roads source data and selected public trails. During my perusing, I’ve determined that the best place to download these new Topo maps for RI is here. Below, find simple instructions on how to locate and download US topo maps.

Using the search menu on the left, users can specify their state, scale and map type.

This will bring up all US Topos that cover Rhode Island. To download a GeoPDF for a specific quadrangle, simply click on the download icon.

Users wishing to utilize these new Topos in an Esri ArcMap, please refer to this University of Rhode Island, Environmental Data Center blog posting on converting GeoPDFs to GeoTiffs.

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